Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And the winner is Karen Lucas...

One of Kenya's young women music artists has won the prestigious Kora award for the "Most Promising Female Artist." The Kora Awards are the equivalent of the Grammy Awards.
Kaz who has always wanted to be a performer and has shown consistently that she has the stuff to make it work! She has also been on stage at the Phoenix Players Theatre and has traveled to South Africa to perform with other artists.
While talking to BBC Kaz had this to say about winning a Kora at the 10th annual All African Kora Music Awards:
"They call your name, you go up and you get the award and you go back to your table and you are like "Did that really happen?" Its unreal. It still hasn't sunk in yet."
Kaz's music, afro-fusion is a mix of African music and modern beats to create what is catergorised as "World Music." It's a relatively new form of music that seeks to stand aside from hiphop by creating a niche for African music in the world market.

Kaz will be launching her album later this year.

Stay tuned on where to get a copy when it comes out.

Congratulations Kaz!


Magaidi said...

Kudos to Kaz, also don't forget Maximum Melodies, Longombas and the surprising and ever gracious Neema Ntalel. They kept our flag flying high in SA. Kudos!

acolyte said...

Unless the award was for new artist I think people like Abbi or even the chap she voted out are more deserving of that award.They have served the time and put in the hard work needed.I did hear her perform once when I was in nai and I was not at all impressed.I won't even go into her as a person I'll leave it on a musical level.Oh well judges make mistakes to they are human too.As for commenting on your blog as long as you are promoting equal rights for women I am all for it, what I am against and do not hesitate to comment on is rabid feminism that demonises men,polarises the sexes and calls for the prefrential treatment of men over women instead of the encouragement of equality and individual merit.

Kaz said...

Thanks for all your support and positive energy.
My album date has been changed and will be out in March, not sure of the date yet but once it's out i will let you know. The album will be called SOMIN which is also my name and means "The one we were looking for" in Maasai.
One love kaz

Pauline said...

Congratulations Kaz....Since u have set the bar for the rest of us pretty high it gives the rest of us more drive and soon we will all be at the top of our game.