Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ngina and Grete's Story

I talked to two women while in Kenya, Magdalene Ngina and Grete Davey. Both of these women spend their weekends talking to farmers in Lukenya District on the way to Athi River. The inhabitants here are mainly sand harvesters for the many cement factories nearby. The land they live on is void of nutrients due to constant degradation by the factories and poor farming habits. Ngina and Grete, go in regularly to meet and teach the farmers there about sustainable organic farming. Some farmers have taken to it and others still resist and choose to depend on goverment aid for food. As part of the trips to the areas, the two women bring guests who talk on a range of techniques for improving the living standards, first through food production and then through the importance of education.

Ngina and Grete cover the expenses on this project out of pocket.

On this visit, they visited a local Enviroment Club from a school in this district to teach them about tree planting.

Many in this area don't believe that anything other than acacia trees and grass can grow here. Compare the photo of the lady in her shamba :

and the cactus filled scenery:

This lady is one of the many who follow the training offered by Ngina and Grete.

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    Adrian said...

    asante sana kwa pichs!

    the center said...

    They'll be more soon! Stay tuned. anything you would like to have posted or discussed? Please email me at

    AfroFeminista said...

    How interesting - and that all this is done by individual's efforts.

    Love, love the idea of kati ya wanawake!

    the center said...

    It is all by the work of individuals as you will see in other stories of other remarkable women. Welcome to your space.