Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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Last summer I traveled to Kenya to interview women, with the intention of finding out if role modeling has affected their success. What I discovered was more than anything I dreamed of. I met many, many strong women and saw that behind the scenes and for some, publicly, Kenyan women are making changes everyday that create hope and opportunity for many.
I talked to lawyers, politicians, teachers, farmers, CEO’s, an architect, entrepreneurs, writers, college students, doctors and scientists. It was an amazing experience that has changed my life and from this experience I hope to change the lives of others positively.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to these women. Thank you.
My goal is to set up a Women’s Center where women of all ages, classes, races etc can share their experiences and learn from each other. The first center will hopefully be started in Kenya and with the help of other women in other countries; more can be set up based on this model. More on the center later.
This now brings me to the existence of this blog. It will take some time before the physical center can be created. While talking to the CEO of an IT firm, she asked me for the link to the Women’s Center website. I told her I would get back to her on that one. So this blog is a small step towards the center. Small but significant.
This blog is fro your interests, whether man or woman, no matter what corner of the world you are from.
All I ask is that you respect the women who use this site. Please email me on katiyawanawake@yahoo.com if you would like to be a contributor, or simply if you have any questions or comments. Otherwise, please feel free to post your thoughts.


June said...

just checked out your blog...awesome is the word..big things start small..

"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Peace and usipotee,
June ....

LM said...

Congratulations on getting this out!

Ngina said...

Am truly impressed. The women's center is a brilliant idea. I know you had mentioned it but there is one thing mentioning a project and the actual doing. Congratulations for the initial setup and I wish you all the best in "The dream Come true Project". I truly feel honored to be part of this project and yes, you may go ahead and use of my photos if need be.

When do we start making our contributions in form of articles?

All the best

Mimi said...

i got your email about the blog. well done. i have
visited it and i am impressed. What i wanted to ask
you is whether i could contribute a story. i'd like to
do it on women's bodies. As site,object,weapon etc.
Let me know.

annie said...

hey girlfriend!
thanks for sending me the blog add. liked it.
have not had too much time lately, but hope to contribute soon.
the whole thing about what is happening to women in kenya is sth that's just become
very close to my heart. in the sense that i and my sisters are increasingly discussing and finally trying to do more than spectate. trying to be a solution.

in particular there are very many women whose marriages have just gone to hell in a hand basket, and despite having assets, they are left practically destitute. just
last week my mum visited the mother of one of my primary school friends who is now living in a small SQ, without assured food, rent, or medicaton for her arthritis.
her husband is a very liquid, very well heeled , very unscrupulous man.

and i have heard of so many similar experiences that i'm absoultely sick of it!

i really feel the burden to do something, and tho i'm still praying aout what that
could be [practicality, significance even in the long term, and insight and
perception of what is really the problem]

i would welcome any views on that.

ok, that said [just had to get it off my chest] i hope that you are well. it is
amazing to see how big your dreams for the women's center are. go girl!! i really do want to get behind your vision.

b.karanja said...

That's some brilliant Stuff

I got your back, for real!