Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As I promised in an earlier post, I would like to point to a new link to the DUSC blog (look on the right of this post) pending the creation of the actual website (I am actually looking for a volunteer who would like to be involved in this great team). Email me

Also, update on a couple of things. Dr. Kameri - Mbote is part of the Consititutional Review Process (a sign of hope!).
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Njoki Ndungu...I am thinking a nationwide campaign to make rape the forefront of issues. My friend was recently thugged by robbers at her house. They raped her househelp claiming that she looked innocent.

I'm taking possible ideas on how to make more people aware of what a violation rape is.


Anonymous said...

I wanna know what a violation rape is. Its kinda boggling.

the center said...

I laughed a bit when I realised what was misunderstood about the post.

What the last line says is, "I would like people to know that rape is a violation."

Thanks for pointing that out.